Movie – Lion (2016)

Based on the real life story of an man name ‘Sheru/ Saroo’, Lion tell us the story of an Indian boy, who got lost in 1986 and after nearly 30 years of seperation reunites with his birth mother in 2012.
While the tale has many gripping moments and has an amazing story line. There are few major flaws in the movie.

While as an actor child actor Sunny has done amazing job, the pace of the movie is too slow because people are eagerly waiting for Dev Patel to make an appearance.

Sunny meanwhile has done far better job in acting than Dev and maybe he should have been the one nominated for the Oscars as Best Actor than Dev as majority of Dev’s role is just mopping around trying to find his lost home while Sunny portrays every emotion and turmoil that 5 year old Saroo went though.

Yes we understand that the movie is trying to capture the emotions, but something beyond the drama would have also helped.

Saroo, for 25 years makes absolutely no mention of his birth mother and brother and suddenly after watching a Jalebi (indian sweet) nose dives into an emotional spiral and leaves everything he worked for to spend years on Google Earth searching for the place via maps? 

(A little more other aspects of his life besides drama would have also helped as the real life Saroo is a successful businessman and he would not have archived that by leaving everything behind and just working on Google Earth search).
A huge question, a kid locked in a passenger train for 2 days just constantly driven for (1600km) and that too right into the Hawarh station where people pile up around to board the train (really?? Is there not a lot which is missing here, why would anyone drive any passenger train for such a long distance without a single passenger on board and then land it right onto the platform without any check. )

Great acting by a lot of people and many hard hitting reality touched upon, but just touched upon – no reasond, no detail, no explanation what so ever given to the audience as to why it was so…not everyone is aware Mr director.)

Yes it was a great movie which was almost left simple, but from an audience point of view, either balance the movie with all aspects of Saroo’s life and  give each aspect a bit of space…or don’t touch upon it at all if you can’t do justice to the sensitive topic.) 
Good script, good actors…but could have been much much better if a little bit more balance was achieved…yes India has its weakness (lost kids, population, trafficking, child exploitation, the list goes on) but just highlighting that and not the positive aspect of the movie (Saroo’s life in Australia) is just insulting a good storyline and the life that he was given by his adoptive family).


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