Movie – Logan (2017)

Final movie of the Wolverine series, Logan while doesn’t disappoint, leaves audience heartbroken for many reasons.

The charm that all Marvel movies holds, was a little less in this finale and heart left a little more heavy than usual as you not only lose one beloved characters in this movie but two.

While Logan’s story has been given justice, a comic book fan always feels that it will never end.

The character which started as a child’s favorite hero, grows up in front of him, wins the world and dies. Thus leaving him hero not just for the child but a grown man/woman.

The movie while left many in tears, left many true marvel fans a bit disappointed that the essence of Marvel, it’s humor is left untapped in majority of the movie. 

While the ode to Wolverine is perfect (with his daughter and son) the movies ending to Professor X is heart breaking (he deserved much more).

Hopefully Marvel will not just end the Wolverine line just here and continue to keep him alive via his daughter (an awesome introduction to a new character and and actor).
Let’s just hope this in not the end of Wolverine and Professor X, even though we won’t see Hugh and Patrick in these roles anymore.


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