Book – Sidney Sheldon’s Reckless by Tilly Bagshawe

I would give this book just 2.5 stars out of 5, and say avoid reading it if you can.

Reckless, though well written, disappointed me on the story front and how it progressed. 
While the writer spent useless amount of pages talking about characters and their relationships (Tracy, Nicholas, Cameron, Cameron’s wife…) she left the story half ended. 
I am very much happy to read stories which are open ended, but these were just ridiculous. 
The author kills a person and gives no detail (Nicholas ) or satisfaction as to why it was needed (waste of a character), she also introduced another character (Cameron’s wife) and then just takes her out of the book without any reason or cause (then why bring her up in the first place).
She has an awesome character with all the backing one needs for a story line and she  leaves her untapped (Kate).
Then she brings in a villain who is everything that is relevant in current day scenario (Apolo) and then hardly gives him any place.
This list is endless. 
While I can take apart every character in this book, the fact of the matter is the story itself has nothing in it. The mystery was never a mystery, I figured out the book  almost at the beginning itself and there was useless twist and turns which was not required or can be done away with (Tracy in Coma). Honestly a complete disappoint which is now making me feel even those 2.5 stars are too much for this book.


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