Movie- Parched (2015/16)

Being a women from India who is lucky enough to have been educated and brought up the right way, Parched, hits home for the fact that I know such practices still exists in India. 

What I love about the movie is that the director has not given it any notion as to what is right or wrong but left it to what it is in reality. 
While one knows many of these practices are wrong and needs to be corrected, watching this movie they are not only able to put themselves in the characters shoes, but also realise the reality why they face such a life. 
One is also able to understand, be it as an abusive husband, or  as an out of hand son, that life that has given you hard option and one needs to take stock of his or her ones own life and make changes to be able to live it. 
Parched signifies all of this.

Hats off to everyone who has acted in this movie or been part of making it. You have done this script and story, true justice.


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