image Movie – Angry Indian Goddesses (2015)

Angry Indian Goddesses is one of the finest movies I have seen come out of Bollywood in recent times and believe is a movie every Indian needs to see.

Unfortunately, like every good Indian movie that needs to get recognition, this movie too got eaten up by mainstream movies and didn’t get the recognition it deserves.

The movie revolves around a group of late 20s- early 30s independent Indian women from different parts of India, who gather in Goa for the occasion of a marriage.

The movie starts off with a powerful power packed entry by each character which makes sure that you are glued for the rest of the movie.

Based on the lives of current age Indian women, the movie is very much of our time and talks about what needs to be talked about and shows what needs to be shown.

Be it topic of homosexuality in India, modern age parenting, rape, Bollywood, perception of women in india, Indian laws, police attitude, attitude of people in general, thoughts, perception , depression, arranged marriages, inter religion marriages and thousand other topics that needs to be discussed….the movie brilliantly touched all these topics and showed how people in general react to it.

My only biggest regret watching this movie was that i didn’t see it in a theatre and give this movie even a little bit of due that it truly deserves.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest reason behind that was also the main stream movies that i mentioned above.

I was not able to catch this movie in a theatre because it was taken off screens too soon so as to adjust some big budget movie that will get more audience than this. But hey that’s the reality of life.

The movie can also be wrongly taken on the terms of “feminism” …or what many perceive to be feminism..that is man bashing…

Though the movie is far from that, the topics it touches upon, and that too from a women’s prospective …can definitely make majority of the male population take offence and call it biased.


All in all i think its a brilliant movie, discussing topics that needs to be addressed, with brilliant actors giving a heart reaching performance that makes you look at your own life and take notice.

All in all…a must watch.

Only Complain: Though the movie touches upon 10s of serious topics that people need to talk about, maybe it was a tad bit too much as by the end of the movie many of those topics that were shown were forgotten by the audience.

Maybe an individual movie on each of those topics?? 😀….looking forward to those movies 😉

Angry Indian Goddesses

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