image Movie – The Angry Birds Movie (2016)

I am honestly surprised that this movie has got such low ratings, i mean what in the world did people expect that they didn’t like it?

The movie has a simple and brilliant story line which follows the games concept brilliantly.
It was a game that took world by storm just because of its simplicity and that is exactly what you get in this movie.

No i am not being sarcastic here, but just trying to say that the reason we all fell in love with the Angry Bird game was because of its simplicity and that is exactly what this movie delivers by keeping it simple.

The story line can be summarised in a paragraph, but the brilliance of this movie was not that it had great story, but that they kept it simple.

The movie has been made for kids and it remained true to them.

A simple request to people who criticised the movie: don’t try to make it about yourself by wanting an over the top complicated story.

Any kid will get bored of that and fall asleep instead of watching the movie further.

Not to forget, the movie did keep its 80s/90s audience in mind; I mean come on, listen to the movie’s music, they brought so many childhood memories back for the adults as well, so the movie makers didn’t forget us.

The jokes were simple, but brilliantly delivered and what more could one ask for when it comes to comedy.

Sometimes going to the movie theatre, having a laugh and coming out with an relaxed mind and a smile on your face is all that you need.

So just appreciate the simplicity that this movie kept…and respect it for that. #Peace 😀


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