image Book – The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest (Millennium Series Book 3)

So it took me some time to finish this one as i skipped few days of reading in between. But here it goes….As Series the books are brilliant, this one as an ending though…a lil disappointing as I know the writer is no more. The books starts brilliantly as always but mid way one start feeling the author is dragging it on with few useless details like he is making sure the book turns into a movie (will be an awesome movie but 😂😂) but story in itself is great and keeps you hooked. The problem now is that it still leaves many question unanswered and with Larson dead we might never get those. Having said that i must say, Larson has left a legacy behind him, one that will make sure he is remembered for the rest of the century if not more. The situation also is fan fiction writers delight as they all will remain true or false  one way or the other….I would have to say though…few of the points Larson went off topic…got characters uselessly involved and you are just waiting for it to end so that the main track can get back in line. But all things said and done 😀 Happy to have read it and waiting now to find a copy of the 4th book which apparently was released few months back but has not been written by Larson. It is based on his manuscripts 😀😀 so definitely worth a look.


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