Movie – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Adapted from the book of same name;  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is an Oscar winning British film, which won acclamation world over not only from the audience, but critics as well.

Not comparing with the book which is set in early 2000-2005; the movie begins in late 2007-2008 when Apple Mac Books are common but iPhones are not.

Well that apart, the movie is decently paced and eliminates all the extra characters that the book might have taken time to develop.

While that is nothing new when it comes to adapting a movie from the book, where David Fincher (Director) has a one up, is that he has not only chosen his “elimination” well, but has also paid attention to book’s characters and chosen his main leads well.

The movie starts exactly as the book does and keeps the audiences engaged throughout; Daniel Craig (from the James Bond movies fame) does justice to the role of Mikael Blomkvist; but the cake is taken away by Rooney Mara, who as Lisbeth Salander, not only does justice to this complex character, but with her acting is able to convince her audience not only of Lisbeth’s talent, but her pain and psyche as well.

Though it too author Stieg Larsson pages upon pages to do do jutice to Lisbeth’s behaviour and attitude, Mara makes it look effortless to make the viewer understand that Lisbeth is a deeply troubled soul who has had a hard life.

The story is based around the lives of the Vanger family, millionaires who not only ‘loath’ each other, but one who are connected by a loss of their own- Harriet Venger, who they can never forget.

Lost/Killed/Disappeared nearly 40 years ago, Harriet is one person who is connected to all yet no one at all. Still trying to move past that horrific event, The Venger’s it seems have a much more deeper conspiracy linked to their lives.

As the movie develops, the beauty of Larsson’s writing and captures it beautifully on a visual canvas; and just like in the book, you and keep on guessing till the end what will happen next.

While Larsson’s mystery writing skills is not doubt in a league of its own, the movie does the author proud and keeps the plot real till the very end.

While the movie’s open ending with regards to Slander’s and Blomkvist’s life not only shows that movies are not always about happy endings. It also teaches us that in life one should never judge a person by how they look or act.


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