image Opinion- How Warner Brothers & Harry Potter can learn from HBO & Game of Thrones

HBO’s hit mini-series, Game of Thrones (GoT) Season 5 was full of twists, turns and ‘heart breaks’ like every other season of the famous show, but where season 5 differs from all its previous seasons is that it no longer has a printed version of the book that it now needs to catch on to. Yes, you GoT maniacs; who have never read any of George RR Martin’s books, the series has finally caught on to its adapted counterpart.

But leaving the books aside for a second, let’s just look at the success that HBO got in these 5 seasons. One, it has gained yet another hit series which has a cult following across the world. Two, by keeping Martin in tow with their production team, they now no have so much insight into Martin’s brain that no other ‘book reader’ or publisher would ever be able to gain. Three, to be able to pull off 5 country simultaneous shoots with over 15000+ cast and crew members is a land mark feat in itself. Four, by giving Martin a visual outlet to portray his book in, HBO, in a way given him freedom to take the story to a new level of craziness, something that he continuously struggled with while getting his books published (as implied by him in his old interviews) and lastly HBO, with GoT has now been able to do something that Warner Brothers were never able do with Harry Potter, that is entrap the audience and gain new ones every week.

With GoT Book 6- ‘The Winds of winter’, nowhere in sight and not expected in 2015 at all (according to Martin’s publisher), HBO and Martin now hold a huge advantage over their TV audience, as the viewers are now so engrossed in the series that they will now desperately wait for Season 6 just to know what happens next. What is more Martin; who has always seemed to be running in two-if not twenty minds, can now completely twist the plots and can take his book in one direction, while taking the TV series in all together different direction. Martin, already seems to be going in that direction looking at how every season, he alters the mini-series a bit compared to the books.

Thus, till the anticipated ‘6’ (season or book) arrives, only Martin and few others will know what it will bring to us. But looking at the facts above, I as an avid reader and viewer who saw her beloved childhood book series ‘Harry Potter,’ turn into a nightmare of a movie, can now finally smile with glee and think, that if nothing else, GoT and Martin has been able to do one thing that Warner Bros. and J K Rowling were not able to, that is exploit its boundaries and make the series even more epic. 😀


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